Tuesday, June 30, 2015

How to Create Kind Schools: 12 extraordinary projects making schools happier and helping every child fit in by Jenny Hulme

Each chapter of this book describes a different anti-bullying program in England. From peer mentors to gypsy plays to a program aimed at eradicating bullying of gay people and one teaching autism awareness and more, the programs target both the bullied and the bullies and help them to deal with the pressures in their life and with one another in positive ways. I think that teachers and school counselors and administrators will find this book enlightening and helpful. I received this book free to review from Netgalley.

Steelheart (Reckoners, #1) by Brandon Sanderson

Steelheart by Brandon Sanderson
This book is totally epic! When Calamity, a red light in the sky arose, many ordinary people were imbued with superhero like powers. The faithful felt that they would be heroes, but absolute power corrupts absolutely. Thus, the ones they called Epics were destructive and wanton and cruel in their destruction. When David was 8 years old, he witnessed Steelheart kill his father and many other people and transform most of the city of Chicago into steel. Steelheart became the invincible leader of the city that became known as Newcago, thrust into perpetual darkness by another Epic known as Nightshade. Ten years later, David is the only survivor of the catastrophe, and the only human being who has seen that Steelheart does indeed have a weakness, and he has been studying the Epics and plotting to destroy Steelheart all of those years. He has an overdeveloped sense of revenge. In order to destroy Steelheart, he needs to join a resistance group called the Reckoners. There is lots of action and adventure and the book is funny as well, as the geeky David continuously makes up odd metaphors while trying to impress Megan who is beautiful and carries tiny grenades in her top. The characters are fantastic and the book is tons of fun to read. It could make a fabulous movie. I look forward to reading the next book.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Finding Masculinity: Female to Male Transition in Adulthood by Alexander Walker

Finding Masculinity by Alexander   Walker
This book has many stories from a variety of transgender men on varying topics from the emotional and spiritual to family, relationships, work and the medical community. I found the book to be very informative and I think that people who are transgender or who have loved ones who are transgender will find the book to be helpful. I received this book free to review from Netgalley.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Don't Fear the Reaper (The Death Chronicles #1) by William F. Houle, J.E. Taylor

Don't Fear the Reaper (The Death Chronicles, #1)
I received this book free to review from Netgalley. It was written by a middle school boy and his mom. It is good for a book by a middle school child. I think middle school kids may enjoy it.

Hex Hall (Hex Hall #1) by Rachel Hawkins

Hex Hall (Hex Hall, #1)
So this is like Harry Potter for girls. The main character, 15 year old Sophia is a witch. Her mother is human and her father is a warlock, but she has never met him. After casting a love spell that went wrong, Sophia is sent to Hex Hall, a boarding school for supernatural teens who have caused trouble. There are fairies, shape shifters, witches and one vampire, who is Sophia's roommate. When people start dying with puncture marks in their necks, and Sophie's vamp roommate, Jenna is blamed, Sophie tries to find out what is really going on. There is romance, mystery and super natural powers. The book is fun to read with references to Harry Potter and other things in pop culture. I enjoyed it and look forward to reading the next book in the series.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Chains (Seeds of America, #1) by Laurie Halse Anderson

Chains by Laurie Halse Anderson
In this first book in a new, historical fiction series, is the story of thirteen year old Isabel, a slave during the revolutionary war. The story is told well and is an excellent novel for middle school children. Isabel, also known as Sal, tries hard to protect her five year old sister after they are bought by Tories and taken to New York City. Sal is befriended by a boy who is on the side of the Patriots and becomes a spy, passing on valuable information. Yet she realizes that although the Patriots want their freedom, they have no intention of granting freedom to her. The story is well researched and is touching and just a fabulous book.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

There will Be Bears by Ryan Gebhart

There Will Be Bears by Ryan Gebhart
Thirteen year old Tyson is excited about going hunting for elk with his grandfather. His best friend, Bright, has matured faster and gotten more popular leaving Tyson feeling left out but the bear hunt will make things better. Except his grandfather is put into a nursing home and there is a killer grizzly bear in the woods where they wanted to hunt. Grandpa still wants to go hunting. Will he and Tyson survive the hunt?