Monday, March 28, 2011

Angel - A Maximum Ride novel by James Patterson


Last summer, my 11 year old son Jacob, discovered the Maximum Ride series by James Patterson.  Jacob and I have been enjoying the books in this series.  I also read the adult novels that the concept of the bird children came from - When the Wind Blows and Lake House.  I am impressed with how James writes differently to his adult and young adult audiences.
Angel is the 7th book in the series.  The last book will come out in Feb. 2012. 
This series chronicles 6 children who have been genetically modified by "evil" scientists with avian DNA so that they have wings and can fly like birds.  The children also have other abilities such as super human strength, speed, and sight except for Iggy who is blind.  Angel is 7 years old and the youngest in the flock.  She can read minds and can influence other people to do what she wants.  She can also breathe under water and fight like a ninja.  In this book, the flock has been split because Fang left to start his own group and the two groups must merge to fight a group that has decided to kill all humans and have the mutated children created by the evil scientists take over after the apocalypse which apparantly they intend to create as well. 
My son and I really like this series and we highly recommend it to everyone.

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