Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Mornings with Jesus 2012 Daily Encouragement for your Soul

This is a lovely daily devotional book.  Each day starts with a Bible verse, then has a little story by a woman telling her experience that relates to that verse.  Each day ends with a "Faith Step" - a suggestion of how you can also experience and enjoy the Lord that day.  The Bible verses are uplifting and help to start your day with your heart turned to the Lord.  The devotional portion helps you to see how other women are experiencing the Lord in their daily lives.  And the faith steps help give you something to think about and pray about for each day.
I got this book free to review from Litfuse and I am really enjoying it! 


  1. I have just received Tricia Goyer's novel Along Wooded Paths. She is the only author I recognize. I would like to have this devotional to read during this leap year because it has 366 devotions and is for 2012.
    I like devotions because they begin a central theme and you can continue your Bible study further on the Scriptures that pertain to the subject on that day for in-depth study. It is a nice jump-start place to begin.

    1. I actually received a second copy to give away, so if you would like it, I would be glad to send it to you.