Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Floors by Patrick Carman

Floors Book 1
This is a fun fantasy book about 10 year old Leo Fillmore, who works with his father who is the maintenance man at the Whippet Hotel, which was built by Merganzer Whippet and is filled with wacky inventions. The hotel includes a cake room, a pinball machine room, a flying farm room and a haunted room and floors that no one knows about. When Mr. Whippet has been missing for months and things start to go wrong with the hotel, Leo receives a mysterious message that says it is up to him to save the hotel. Together with his new friend Remi and with Betty the duck, of course - one should always bring a duck - Leo tries to save the hotel while keeping out of the way of the rather dreadful Ms. Sparks. Full of fun, this book is an intriguing adventure rather similar to Charlie and The Chocolate Factory.

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