Thursday, August 15, 2013

Inferno by Dan Brown

Inferno by Dan Brown
I absolutely love the rich descriptiveness of Dan Brown's writing and I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. Once again, professor Robert Langdon is enthralled in a mystery which his unique knowledge of symbolism and historical places will help to solve. Once again, a beautiful young woman, who Langdon is not really interested in, is involved. Brown takes us on a tour through Florence and Venice and many of it's museums and historic sites as Langdon flees people who are for some reason that he cannot remember, trying to kill him and, as he later discovers, it is up to him to save the world from an unknown menace. As he flees through Italy, we are treated to rich descriptions of the artwork and architecture and of course, many references to Dante's Inferno.
Fantastic book and fans of Dan Brown will enjoy it.

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