Monday, October 24, 2011

Beauty Queens by Libba Bray

Beauty Queens
OMG, this book is so hilarious!  I have not laughed so much while reading a book in a long time.  "An airplane full of beauty queens crashes on a deserted island."  The bad guys - The Corporation - have a hide out in the volcano.  The Stashe-off beauty cream and hair remover is apparantly explosive and will be sold as weapons of mass destruction.  Miss Texas goes insane and the survivor beauty queen girls learn that they can do anything they want to do - even if they have to eat grub worms.  When the reality show pirates' ship crashes on the island, the trans-gender contestant finds herself a happy pirate friend and Miss New Hampshire, wild girl, falls in love with one of the displaced indiginous natives.  Punctuated by commercial breaks for Corporation TV shows and beauty products, this book definitely wins "breast in show". 

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