Monday, December 12, 2011

Beastly by Alex Flinn

Beastly by Alex Flinn

This is a totally fantastic, wonderful modern day retelling of Beauty and the Beast. Kendra, a witch, who is the Forrest Gump of fairy tale land, has changed the handsome, rich, self-centered Kyle, whose parents are equally self-absorbed, into the beast that he is inside. He has two years to find a girl who will love him as a beast and who will kiss him to remove the curse or else he will stay a beast forever. Punctuated with chat room dialogues of people who have been transformed including a frog and Snow White - "no, not that Snow White", and Mr. Anderson, whose initials must be H.C., this modern day fairy tale flows seamlessly and is a fun, sweet romance filled with the love of books, as Beauty and The Beast should be.

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  1. He was a beast, like werewolf-ish, it wasn't about teenagers or almost adults it was more about young teenagers, and had a young children or fairy tale feel to it which disappointed me because I had expectations that I thought should have been up held. So I mostly blame the movie for my false expectations.
    But all in all it wasn't half bad for the Children's book it was. But just thought the everyone should know that it is nothing like what you might think it will be based on the movie commercials. Hope this helped.