Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Prodigy Project by Doug Flanders, MD

The Prodigy Project

What a fantastic book!  It is kind of like the Duggars meet the Spy Kids, except that the dad is the spy and only the older kids really get involved in the spy stuff although the younger ones have their own little adventure too.  Jon Gunderson is a doctor, a father of nine children who his wife homeschools, and a spy.  His masters degree in microbiology makes him a good candidate to fight biological warfare and, with his unsuspecting large family in tow, he fights crime surreptuously on their family "vacations".  When two young Chinese prodigies discover that their medical research that they think is to find a cure for cancer, is really being used by the Chinese military to create a new, nefarious biological weapon, they decide to defect to the USA with Jon's help.  Thinking that they were dealing with an adult researcher, Jon and his cohorts are suprised to find that they are instead taking two orphaned teenage child prodigies out of the country.  Jon's family becomes involved, there is a kidnapping, fighting, shooting, tranquilzer darts, stuff that gets blown up, high speed chase scenes and all sorts of espionage, plot twists, and action. 
This is a fantastic book and I think it could also make an awesome movie. 
I received this book free to review from Book Crash and this is my honest opinion. 

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