Tuesday, June 28, 2016

It Ain't So Awful Falafel by Firoozeh Dumas

Although it makes me feel ancient that a book that qualifies as historical fiction is about events that occurred during my lifetime, when I was in high school, I must endorse this book as an excellent historical fiction novel for middle grade kids.  Based loosely on the author's life, it is about an Iranian girl whose family has moved to California for her father's job in the oil industry in the late 1970s during the Iranian revolution and subsequent hostage crisis.  Cindy, as she has chosen to call herself since most Americans cannot pronounce Zomorod, begins the story right before her 6th grade year and tells about her struggles to make friends and fit into the American culture.  As the revolution in Iran and hostage crisis occur, she tells the effects on her family and the hatred against Iranians in the US and how painful that is to live through as a child.  I think that children today can compare it to political events going on at this time and see similarities to how people treat one another.  I received this book free to review from Netgalley and I highly recommend it.

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