Monday, June 13, 2016

The Body in The Woods by April Henry

This is an excellent mystery suspense story for teens!  Alexis, Nick, and Ruby are teen volunteers in the Portland County Sheriff's Search and Rescue group.  The group meets for weekly training sessions and they are called when a search and rescue operation is going on and they are needed.  In this story, they are called out of school in order to participate, which I find unlikely.  However, my oldest daughter participated in the fire explorers program in which she went to weekly training meetings, was issued a fire suit and she rode in the fire truck and ambulance and went out on calls at other times, so I imagine that there could be teen volunteers with search and rescue groups as well.  Anyway, in this story, the three teens did not know one another ahead of time, and on their first assignment to look for a missing autistic man, they instead, find a dead girl in the woods.  From there, they team up to find the killer.  Ruby, who seems rather autistic herself, is obsessed with crime investigation and finds clues that are helpful.  The three teens and the killer all tell parts of the story.  There are several suspects and it is difficult to figure out which one really is the killer.  I found the story to be well written and a fascinating read and I think teens will enjoy it.  I received this book free to review from Netgalley.  There is a sequel to this book called "Blood Will Tell" and I plan to read that book soon!

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