Sunday, January 9, 2011

books with similar genres

I am currently reading Falcon Quinn and the Black Mirror. 
It is a good book and I like it. 
It is funny and well written.
It follows the genre that J.K. Rowling established with the Harry Potter Series - that  of kids with some sort of different abilities going to a school together with kids like them.
Falcon Quinn goes to a school for kids who are monsters.
He does not know what kind of monster he is, but the other two kids who were picked up on the bus with him  are Max, who is a Sasquatch, and Megan who is a wind elemental.

Other series that follow this genre include Harry Potter- where the kids go to a school to learn magic, and Rick Riordan's Last Olympian series, where children of the Greek Gods - half-bloods also called heros go to summer camp together; and the Charlie Bone series, where the children of the Red King who have magical powers are at a boarding school together.

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