Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod: Twelfth Grade Kills

Twelfth Grade Kills (The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod, #5)

I just hate it when I read an entire series and then I don't like the ending. 
This is the last book in The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod.
I liked the series a lot.
But, this last book -Sucks.
Yes, there was Bites, Slays, Bleeds, Burns and Kills, and to me, the ending - Sucks. 
I really liked the series - it follows the life of Vladimir Tod from 8th through 12th grades and his experiences as a teenage vampire living in the normal human world knowing little about the vampire world since he was born to a human mother and a vampire father who had both died in a tragic fire when he was younger - or so he thought.
I felt the last book tried to tie all of the loose ends together and end the series without enough detail.
We are not given much detail about the lives of the other characters - Henry or Snow or Eddie or any of the others and they could have been fleshed out some more.
We never have been told how slayers have superhuman type strength although apparantly a new book is being written by the author about the slayers that will come out in the fall - perhaps the author will explain things about the slayers in that book.  It will be called "The Slayer Chronicles". 
And I just did not like the violence and killing of loved characters at the end and the character of Tomas either at the end.
I will read Heather Brewer's future books - I do like her writing and her stories - I just was not happy about the way this series ended.

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