Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Intended Audience

All books should have an intended audience - that is who they are written for.
Some are written for children, some for adults and some are written as college dissertations meant for no one but stuffy professors to read.
The book Beyond Animal Rights: food, pets and ethics  by Tony Milligan apparantly falls into the last category.
Tony Milligan: Beyond Animal Rights - Food, Pets and Ethics
It is a part of a "brand new series of stimulating and accessible books examining key contemporary social issues from a philosophical perspective" called "Think Now".
I thought the topic was interesting, but the book is written in an unreadable style including sentences like:
"Appreciation of this may add to our understanding of the incrudelity about the Marcus case, a case of deliberate commodification and, in a sense, the betrayal of a claimed human-pet bond."
Oh. My. Goodness.  Ick.  And boring. 
If you understand and enjoy reading things that are written like that, then perhaps you will enjoy this book. 
If you had no clue what that sentence means - skip this book.
I read the first chapter and am now returning this book to the library where perhaps some other patron will find it more interesting than I did.

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