Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Seventh Tower book Two: Castle by Garth Nix

Book Cover

On a quest to get a sunstone for Milla's ship and a Primary Sunstone for Tal, the two of them cross the ice fraught with dangerous creatures to reach the Castle.  Assisted by a map drawn by another Chosen who had also been outside of the Castle, Tal and Milla barely survive and get into the Castle only to be hunted by Sushin and his cohorts.  With Tal's crazy Great Uncle Ebbitt's assistance, Tal and Milla escape the Pit and the Hall of Nightmares and go to get the Codex, which Great Uncle Ebbitt says will help them to find Tal's missing father and brother and help to solve some of the mysteries of what is going wrong in the Castle.  The Codex, according to Great Uncle Ebbitt, is most likely in Aenir, the shadowland...

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