Thursday, November 17, 2011

Birth Marked by Caragh M. O' Brien

Birthmarked (Birthmarked Trilogy)

400 years from now, the earth is hot and dry and 16 year old Gaia lives outside of the Enclave near unlake Superior and is learning to be a midwife from her mother.  Then her parents are arrested and Gaia becomes embroilled in the politcal quandry that surrounds the business of taking babies from outside of the Enclave in order to try to stave off the hemophelia that is increasing due to inbreeding there.  Gaia has been lead to believe that life inside the Enclave is wonderful and that the babies who are chosen to live there live wonderful lives, but she soon learns that things are not as she was taught.  Though she is scarred and believes that she is ugly, one of the guards finds her to be beautiful and helps her as much as he is able to. 
I had a difficult time putting this book down and read it in two days.  It is the first in a trilogy and I look forward to reading the other books as well!

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