Sunday, November 20, 2011

Diary of a Mad fat Girl by Stephanie McAfee

Diary of a Mad Fat Girl

30 year old Ace teaches art at a southern high school and has broken up with Mason, the love of her life since they were 11 years old, once again.  Her best friend Lilly has a "mysterious gentleman" friend who is taking up her time and their friend Chloe, the school counselor has a rich, but verbally abusive husband who finally becomes physically abusive.  Chloe and Lilly make up their differences in order to help Chloe get dirt on her husband so she can divorce him.  Lilly befriends a handsome young police officer and the women gain the assistance of the town's richest old widow who has many tricks up her sleeve.  With a lot of who is sleeping with who, the girls dressing in drag, bar fights and the hot biker dude, the book is really funny.  I did not love Ace's character - I found her to be rather whiney and unlikable, and the biker dude's character is not developed well at all.  Despite all that, if given a good cast, I think this could be a great movie. I laughed out loud while reading this book and found it to be a really fun read. I received this book free to review through goodreads. 

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  1. LAUGHED OUT LOUD on all the sarcastic comments made throughout the book! Right on with the smalltown gossip and all the political pull. Good lifetime movie storylines and oddly familiar character personalities make for a very amusing read! An excellent read for those females who need to relieve stress or for those who want to wrap their hands around certain individuals necks to strangle the life out of. Hope Ace has more diaries!