Tuesday, January 6, 2015

A Moose Boosh: A Few Choice Words About Food by Eric-Shabazz Larkin


This book is a true gem!  It is just fabulous!  I think it belongs in all school libraries and all libraries in general and it would make a great gift.  The author/illustrator has filled this lovely little book with poems and graffiti art about food including topics from "The Food Desert In Harlem" to "Ashley Won't Eat it if She Can't Spell It".  I found the book so funny and lovely and inspiring that I wrote a poem as a review of it.

A goofy graffiti artist dude
wrote a book of poems all about food.
He wrote and drew on photographs
that are guaranteed to give you laughs.
There are corny jokes,
healthy eating admonitions,
from serious to silly,
including some nutrition.
So grow your own food
skip that sad happy meal
because if you can't spell it
that "food" is not real.
To readers all ages
I do recommend
you must read this book
from beginning to end.

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