Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Princess Academy by Shannon Hale

Princess Academy
Another wonderful book by Shannon Hale, this book won a Newberry Award.  It follows Miri, a girl who lives on Mount Eskel where the families all mine linder, a valuable stone found in the mountain. 
Soldiers come to the mountain and tell them that their village has been named as the home of the next princess of the kingdom and all of the girls of age will have to go to a school set up by the state - a princess academy where they will all learn what they need to know to be princess since the prince will chose one of them.  I like that the girls learn economics and diplomacy and find out that their stone is much more valuable than they are being paid for it and they are able to use their new education to help their village earn more money. Miri also figures out that the villagers can use linder to communicate mentally with one another and she uses this skill to help them when they are in grave danger.  It is a good story about feeling left out and different and shows how when we are friendly towards others, we may learn that they really do need friends too.

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