Wednesday, May 18, 2011

River Secrets by Shannon Hale

River Secrets (Books of Bayern)
This is book 3 of the Books of Bayern.  I really love these books!  The main character of this book is Razo, who sees himself as a short nobody but he is friends with Enna and Finn and is part of Bayern's Own - the King's special forces type army.  He feels insignifigant because he cannot fight well with swords like the rest of the soldiers and he wonders why he is sent on a mission with the Own  and an ambassador from Bayern to Tira, a neighboring country that they suspect wants to have a war with Bayern.  Razzo wonders why he has been asked to join the group and he later finds out that he is needed because of his powers of observation - and his seeming harmlessness - he makes a good spy among other things.  Together with Enna and Finn and a lovely Tiran girl named Dasha who he meets who is special in her own way, Razzo helps to solve the problems with the Tirans. 

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