Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Grimm Legacy by Polly Shulman

The Grimm Legacy
What an enchanting book! When Elizabeth gets an after school job working at the New-York Circulating Material Repository, she learns that magic really does exist and that many of the magical objects referred to in the Grimm fairy tales are kept in the repository. The Table-Be-Set, which fills with food when asked to is a fun magical object. Snow White's wicked stepmother's magic mirror is mean and bad-tempered. Some of the magical objects from the Grimm Collection, however, have disappeared and some have been replaced with non-magical duplicates. Together with her friends, co-workers Anjali, Marc and Aaron, Elizabeth is drawn into the mystery.


  1. I had a student who was reading that. She wasn't finished, but she liked it so far. I thought it might be worth checking out.

  2. I was read it and im only 13 and i loved it i love magical stories like this and i realy like this story about elizabeth and i think she and Aaron are a good couple i thought there should be a 2nd book so i started writting it i want to on day publish it and have it reviewed i hope i get done before collage though

  3. Does anyone know what page the table be set scene was on?