Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Rot & Ruin by Johathan Maberry

Rot & Ruin (Benny Imura, #1)
Intense.  Majorly intense. 
In one night - the "last night", the apocalypse struck in one fell swoop.  Unexpectedly, without warning, the entire earth was struck with a virus that turned the majority of the population into zombies - who then bit most of the remaining living people and turned them into zombies.  Thirteen years later, in a small, mountainside area is now a town poplulated by some of the few remaining surviving people.  One of them is 15 year old Benny, whose brother Tom is a Zombie Bounty Hunter.  Benny hates Tom and thinks he is a coward, until he goes out into the Rot & Ruin with him and sees what he really does as his job.  Benny learns that the living dead are not the real monsters, instead, it is some of the living who should be feared.
This book shows man's inhuman side and in that respect, reminds me a bit of Lord of the Flies and Heart of Darkness (which was made into the movie Apocalypse Now.)
Totally excellent book.
And by the way - did you know that the CDC has a preparedness plan for a zombie apocalypse?
Just in case you need to know that.

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