Tuesday, September 18, 2018

My Friends Are All Strange by M.C. Lesh

My Friends Are All Strange
Seventeen year old Becca has lost touch with reality, and is sent to a mental hospital.  We follow her journey as she struggles with the medication that has been given to her to help her sleep, the wizard who appears in her dreams and also when she is awake, and her feelings of disconnect from reality.  I like that she makes friends with the other teens in the facility with her and seeing her gradually get better while realizing that some of her friends there may never get better.  I think this is an excellent book about mental illness for teens and I like that it is hopeful while still realistic.  I highly recommend this book.

Friday, September 7, 2018

Cat Zero by Jennifer L. Rohn

Cat Zero
Artie is a lovely female research professor who is studying cat viruses.  She is in the process of a divorce, when a strange mutation appears in a cat virus that can also spread to humans.  Her handsome post doc, Mark, is eager to help with her research and her personal life.  When Artie decides to try and befriend the mysterious and creepy mathematicians who work nearby in the basement, she winds up in a situation that could be catastrophic.  

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Heretics Anonymous by Katie Henry

Heretics Anonymous
Sixteen year old Michael isn't happy that his family has moved for the fourth time and he is even less happy that he has to go to a private Catholic high school, however, he soon finds some friends who also have a variety of views about religion and life in general.  Michael is an atheist, Avi is Jewish and gay, Eden is polytheistic, Max is a Unitarian, Lucy is a Catholic and they are all heretics.  Together, they try to change the school rules and go through the struggles of being different when you are a teenager.