Saturday, May 29, 2021

The Boy Who Lived in the Ceiling by Cara Thurlbourn


Freddie is a homeless teenager whose family has rejected him.  He feels hopeless and unworthy.  Violet had been happy and popular until she had to leave her friends and go to a new school and is bullied.  Due to circumstances that you can read about, Freddie winds up living in Violet's attic, although she and her family are not aware that he is there.  When they do meet, they slowly become friends and help each other with their problems.  The story is heartwarming and it takes on the issues of bullying and homelessness.

Sunday, May 9, 2021

The Quest For The Golden Arrow (Time Stoppers #2) by Carrie Jones


When Annie Nobody, who now knows that she is a Time Stopper, awakens, she feels like something is wrong.  Soon, she and her friends - Eva the dwarf, Bloom the last elf, and Jamie, who might be a troll discover that Miss Cordelia, the magical Time Stopper, who is now Annie's guardian, after a long string of foster families, is missing.  Together, Annie and her friends have to save Miss Cordelia from the evil demon Raiff.  Action and adventure abound in this second book in this fun, middle grade series.

Wednesday, May 5, 2021

The Agony of Bun O'Keefe by Heather Smith

Fourteen year old Bun O'Keefe grew up isolated, neglected and abused, living with her mother, who was a hoarder.  When her mother told her to leave, she did, and was taken in by a group of young outcasts who helped her learn how to live in the real world.  The story is tragic and funny and touching and the characters are lovely and horrible and I highly recommend this book.