Thursday, July 2, 2015

This Is What You Just Put in Your Mouth?: From Eggnog to Beef Jerky, the Surprising Secrets of What's Inside Everyday Products by Patrick Di Justo

This Is What You Just Put in Your Mouth? by Patrick Di Justo
This is a rather humorous look at the appalling chemicals contained in many processed foods. For instance, in Hostess Lemon Fruit Pie, there is "Calcium Sulfate - Plaster of Paris. Used for millennia to congeal soy milk into tofu, this gunk has hundereds of applications - many a school science project (like a baking soda and vinegar volcano) was modeled in plaster of Paris." Each chapter is about one specific food like substance and includes a breakdown of the chemicals and a backstory telling some of the author's thoughts. It is a lighthearted look at the sad state of the US "food" supply.

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