Friday, April 20, 2012

Fearless Knitting Workbook by Jennifer E. Seiffert

Fearless Knitting Workbook
I can tell that the author of this book likes math. I hate math. Math is my nemesis. I think that I need more right brain friendly explanations of knitting. The concept of this book is great. And it probably works well for people who are good at math and spatial relationships. I know that knitting patterns are mathematical and I like that this author tries to demystify knitting by helping the knitter to learn how to "read" the knitting and fix mistakes. It sounds like such a helpful and wonderful concept. And I really would love to understand it. But it is just way too much like math.
And I just don't get it. It makes my brain hurt to try to understand this book.
However, for those people who like and are good at math, it is probably very helpful. 

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