Friday, October 12, 2012

The Stone Child by Dan Poblocki

The Stone Child

This is a fun, scarey book for kids in grades 4-8. Eddie and his parents move to the small town of Gatesweed where his favorite author of scarey novels, Nathaniel Olmstead, used to live - until he mysteriously disappeared 13 years ago. Now the town is cursed and the monsters from Mr. Olmstead's books seem to exist for real. Eddie makes friends with Harris and Maggie and together they try to solve the code they find in a handwritten book by Mr. Olmstead that Eddie's parents had bought at an antique sale. Can they save the town from the mysterious and evil Woman In Black? This is a wonderfully creepy story that kids love. I know, because I was reading the book in a middle school today and some 6th graders told me how great the book is.

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