Thursday, October 3, 2013

Fire & Ash (Benny Imura #4) by Jonathan Maberry

Fire and Ash by Jonathan Maberry
Über fantastic ending to a fantastic series! Totally awesome and cool with tons of action, unexpected plot twists and, of course, Benny trying to save the world. Now that Benny, Nix, Lilah, Riot and Chong are at Sanctuary, things are not what they were expecting. Chong is infected with the zombie virus, but not dead, being kept alive as they hope to find a cure. As they fight the reapers and the zombies, with the help of Captain Joe Ledger, they see more horrors than they could ever imagine and as they survive, they find that they are becoming what Tom had trained them to be - Samurai. Can they stop the reapers from destroying the cure? Can they fight off the even faster, smarter zombies that are now appearing? Can they save the 7 towns? Read this final thriller to find out!

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