Sunday, November 3, 2013

Inhuman (Fetch #1) by Kat Falls

Inhuman by Kat Falls
In this YA dystopian novel, a virus called Ferae has been accidentally released into the US, and a wall was built blocking off the part of the country that is east of the Mississippi river to keep the virus from spreading to the rest of the country. Sixteen year old Lane lives west of the Titan wall only having heard rumors and bedtime stories about the hybrid human/animal mixes that the virus creates. Then, she is thrust into the feral zone in order to rescue her father and she sees the results of the virus firsthand. An animal lover, she hates to see the hybrids who have not yet gone feral - violent and no longer thinking as humans - mistreated. Can she complete her mission in this wild and dangerous world and keep from getting infected? Fortunately, two handsome boys who both have the hots for her are there to help her in her attempt to rescue her father. This is the part that I have a problem with. The teenage girl with two guys in love with her theme is way overdone now. It became wildly popular with "Twilight" and continued with "Hunger Games", but it has now been repeated in so many YA books that even the kids are getting tired of it. I substitute taught in a 7th grade Language Arts class last week and showed a clip of preview trailers for books in the book fair that is coming to their school next week. One of the books features the teen girl with two good looking guys who both like her and she has to chose between them theme and the 12 year old kids began complaining about that theme being stupid and overdone.
Kat Falls is an excellent writer and the book is well-written, and gripping with lots of action and a little romance and fits the YA category well. I really did enjoy the book a lot, but I do wish she had stayed away from the whole two hot boys who both like the teen girl theme. I received this book free to review from Netgalley.

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