Saturday, September 3, 2016

The Diabetes Comfort Food diet by Laura Cipullo

The Diabetes Comfort Food Diet Cookbook by Laura Cipullo
The recipes in this cookbook are quite good, well written and easy to follow.  I have found, however, that they tend to be higher in meat and lower in vegetables than I prefer.  I have made quite a few recipes from this  cookbook and I often add more vegetables.  For example, when I make the chicken and sausage jambalaya, I add in diced zucchini squash, diced carrot, corn, mushrooms, okra and/or other veggies that I have at the time.  I also add carrot, zucchini and corn to the Layered chicken and bean enchiladas and instead of using 6 corn tortillas I cut up a couple of flour tortillas into squares and mix those in and make it a casserole.

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