Friday, March 17, 2017

Proof of Lies by Diana Rodriguez Wallach

Proof of Lies
This is a totally amazing suspense filled young adult mystery with a bit of romance!  I read it all in one day because I could not put it down. Anastasia is a junior in high school, living with her older sister, Keira since their parents had died in a tragic accident several years before.  When Keira disappears and is presumed to be dead due to the amount of her blood that was at the scene, Anastasia refuses to believe her sister is dead and sinks into a deep depression.  Then, evidence turns up that Keira may be alive and Anastasia is determined to find her.  She is sent to Europe with Marcus, a boy from her high school whose parents and brother work for the same company her parents worked for.  There is lots of action and plot twists and this is the first book in a series and I look forward to reading the rest when they come out!

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