Thursday, February 1, 2018

The Boy on The Bridge by M.R. Carey

 The Boy on the Bridge (The Hungry Plague, #2)
This story is a prequel to The Girl With All The Gifts.  In this book, a group of scientists has gone on an expedition to study results of tests in an attempt to find a cure for the plague that has turned  much of the population into zombies.  The two main characters are Stephen, an autistic teen genius, and Dr. Khan, a pregnant scientist who has acted as Stephen's mother for years.  When Stephen sneaks away from the group to observe the hungries, he encounters children that are hungries, yet have still managed to retain thought processes.  There are political elements and danger and infighting among the crew of the Rosie, the large tank like vehicle that they are traveling in.  Readers who enjoyed the first book should enjoy this one as well.

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