Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Second Hearts (The Wishes Series #2) by G.J. Walker-Smith

Second Hearts by G.J. Walker-Smith
Ok, since the first book had the first few chapters of this second book in it, I was curious enough to buy it and read it. It was ok. I guess that Adam's whole attraction to and love of Charlie is simply sexual. He lies to her about his goal of staying in New York and is rather a jerk. Charli shows some spunk in dealing with the rich bitches and Adam's mom, but she is still rather wimpy in ways. She whines about having nothing to do while he is at school all the time. Why couldn't she take some initiative and get her GED and/or take some classes? With all that money she could buy a better camera and take her portfolio to magazines and become a National Geographic photographer or something. I really don't know what she wants out of life, nor it seems does she. I liked all the fairy stories, but I did not think it was a great romance or anything.

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