Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Untimed by Andy Gavin

Steampunk time travel. Interesting and imaginative. Charlie's dad and Aunt Sophie travel most of the time and his mother and everyone else cannot remember his name. Months after some unusual police officers come searching for his father, Charlie sees one of the police officers winding himself and follows him down a hole that lands him in London in 1725. Once there, Charlie meets Yvaine, who is also a time traveler. She teaches him that girls can travel forward in time and boys can travel backwards and the Tick Tocks - the mechanical men - hunt down the time travelers and kill them. After they accidentally get Ben Franklin killed and change history, Yvaine and Charlie travel back and forth in time to find his father and aunt and try to set things right again. This is a fun and imaginative time travel story for teens and adults.

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