Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Low Sugar Cookbook by Nicola Graimes

The Low-Sugar Cookbook by Nicola Graimes
This is a British cookbook. It begins by explaining why a low sugar diet is healthy and what adverse health conditions a high sugar diet may cause. The book contains a variety of low sugar recipes and while I like that the author did make the amounts of ingredients user friendly for American cooks - the measurements are given in ml, oz, teaspoons and cups, many of the ingredients are British ingredients that are not translated into American terms and many may not be available in the US. The author did give some American terms such as courgettes/zucchini and prawns/shrimp, but other ingrdients are not explained such as passata(sieved tomatoes) - I thought that might be tomato paste, but tomato paste is also listed in the ingredients so perhaps it is tomato sauce?, and English mustard powder, undyed smoked haddock fillets, bio yogurt, groundnut oil, rocket, halloumi, flageolet beans,choi sum, petis pois, tinned cherry tomatoes, little Gem lettuce, and others. Some ingredients are not described in terms that an American cook would recognize - there is chilli (the British spelling - there are lots of those), crushed dried chillies, red chilli, red pepper and yellow pepper, but those are not descriptive enough for me to know what they are. Are the red and yellow peppers bell peppers? What about the chillis? Are they jalapenos, poblano, ancho - what kind of chilli are they referring to? In addition, some of the other ingredients are rather gourmet and will be difficult to find. There are no photographs of the recipes, although in the kindle format - and I have a paperwhite - that is not an issue, in paper copies of cookbooks, I prefer a photograph of each recipe.
Therefore, it is really difficult for me to judge whether this is actually a good cookbook or not. I received this book free to review from Netgalley.

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  1. I had to chuckle as I read your descriptions and the confusion over the ingredients. I'm one of those give me as simple as possible cookbooks so I'm not spending hours in the kitchen cooking.