Thursday, January 7, 2016

The Real Food Revolution Healthy Eating, Green Groceries, and the Return of the American Family Farm by Tim Ryan

The Real Food Revolution by Tim Ryan
This is a very well-researched and informative book about the problems surrounding food production and marketing in the United States and what can be done to make things better.  It sounds like Congressman Ryan has been voting to make things better and is involved in a wide variety of groups that are working to make US food production healthier for us and better for the small farmers as well. From the effects on the environment to nutritional value to the local food movement and more, there is a lot of good, helpful information in this book. I think that Americans need to learn more and vote with our dollars in order to make the food that we eat healthier and not let the big food companies poison us with junk food.  Excellent book.  Everyone should read it.

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