Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Cold Burn of Magic (Black Blade #1) by Jennifer Estep

Cold Burn of Magic (Black Blade, #1)
This is a fun to read young adult fantasy.  Lila is an orphan living secretly in the basement of a public library in a town known for magic.  It is like Disney World, but full of magical people and monsters and tourists visit to see them.  Lila's mom had been a guard who died protecting a member of one of the town's wealthy magical "Familes" when Lila was 13 years old.  After bouncing through foster care, she decided to live on her own, with the help of an old friend of her mom's.  She now lives by stealing, but still goes to high school.  When a good looking guy who is also part of a Family is attacked in front of her, she feels obliged to help him and then is drawn into the "Family" business.  There is magic, action and romance and I think teens who like YA fantasy will enjoy this book.

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