Saturday, November 26, 2016

These Shallow Graves by Jennifer Donnelly

These Shallow Graves
Yay!, what a fabulous book!  I was expecting a mystery, but got an historical mystery/romance/feminist novel.  It is the late 19th century and Jo is a rich young woman in New York City, finishing school and preparing to be married off to a wealthy young man from a proper "old money" family.  Jo really wants to write and be a reporter like the notorious Nelly Bly who went undercover and exposed social ills.  When Jo's father died in what was called an accident, Jo begins to look deeper into the situation and she learns that it was no accident at all.  The more clues she finds, the more dangerous her clandestine investigation becomes.  Living in a world where nice young women never go out alone and are expected to marry for money, not love, and produce many children, Jo has other ambitions instead.  With the help of a handsome young newspaper reporter named Eddie, Jo learns also about the poor, Dickensian side of town and many social ills that she would love to write about.  I loved this story and stayed up too late reading it because I could not put it down.  I highly recommend this book!

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