Thursday, December 15, 2016

It's. Nice. Outside by Jim Kokoris

It's. Nice. Outside.: A Novel by [Kokoris, Jim]
It took me a while to get into this book.  The beginning, which is just John, is rather slow.  I kept putting it aside thinking "I. Can't. Read. This." Then I would look at the reviews and they were all wonderful, so I gave it another try.  Twice.  Finally, I got into the book, and it really is great.  John tells the story of taking his 19 year old son,Ethan, who is severely mentally challenged, across the country on a road trip to his daughter Karen's wedding.  Only, there are problems with the wedding and Karen and her sister Mindy, who acts on  SNL, are not getting along.  John's ex-wife Mary is none too cooperative herself.  The book addresses the challenges of a family who has an adult child who has special needs and the effect that person has on the family.  The story kept me reading once I got into it.

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