Thursday, August 16, 2018

Healer by Susan Miura

Healer (Book #1)
In this Christian YA fantasy novel, 17 year old Shilo learns that she has inherited the ability to be a healer from her grandmother.  Her parents are worried and don't want her to use her power from God to heal others because of the attention that would bring to her and because the gift caused her grandmother to become self-centered.  However, Shilo wants to help people and after inadvertently healing 18 year old Misty's son, Tyler, she has to hide her ability and learn how to deal with it. Shilo deals with boyfriend problems and as her family helps Misty to escape her abusive boyfriend, they deal with other issues as well.  There are gang  problems, a mission trip, romance and supernatural healing in this Christian YA fantasy novel. 

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