Thursday, August 16, 2018

Open Mic Night at Westminster Cemetery by Mary Amato

Open Mic Night at Westminster Cemetery
This is an excellent book!  Written in the form of a two act play, it begins with sixteen year old Lacy awakening, as it were, dead, in a the cemetery where Edgar Allen Poe is buried.  Prior to her arrival, the last resident arrived in 1913, so Lacy is seen as a "modern", by the other residents who include Sam, who died during the civil war, Poe's wife Virginia, two sisters who do needlework, and Sam's overly controlling mother, Mrs. Steele, who rules the cemetery and has the disorderly dead "suppressed".  Lacy doesn't know she is dead and doesn't remember dying.  Her last memory is of being on the way to participate in an open mic night to perform her poetry.  Throughout the story we get to know the various dead and they work through their troubles from the past, and present.  I would love to see this performed as a play!  I think it would be very entertaining.  It has humor and sadness and seems original and fun.

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