Saturday, June 25, 2011

Bossypants by Tina Fey

This is a cute, funny, quick read.  Tina tells about her career and her life and how she laughs at it all.
She does not go into any detail at all about her marriage - good for her, but focuses mostly on her career and how her life lead her to become a comedian and writer.  It tells about her days doing Second City improv and writing for and then acting on Saturday Night Live, which lead to her current position creator and producer of the show 30 Rock.  I personally have never seen 30 Rock and I admit I skipped the dialogues from that show that are included in the book.  I know who Tina Fey is mainly because she did Sarah Palin on SNL.  She discusses that in the book also.  She discusses the difficulty of being a woman in what were formerly "man's" jobs - thus, I suppose, the man arms in the cover photo. 
 Even though I have never seen her show 30 Rock, I still found her book enjoyable and funny.

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