Monday, September 24, 2012

Dark Souls by Paula Morris

Dark Souls by Paula Morris
Ahhh, this is a much better book than the author's first book, Ruined.
This book also contains historical and factual information, but it is woven into the story and does not read like a travel guide or history textbook. 
In this story, 16 year old Miranda and her older brother Rob have gone to visit York with their parents in an attempt to try to get over the tragic car wreck that Miranda and Rob had been in 6 moonths before that killed her best friend, Jenna. Ever since the car wreck, Rob has suffered from claustrophobia in cars and other small spaces and Miranda has been able to see ghosts. In York, Miranda meets Nick, a mysterious boy who can also see ghosts, and her brother befriends Sally, a waitress. When strange things begin happening in the cellar of Sally's family's pub, Miranda finds herself drawn into the mystery.

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