Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Power of the Prophetic Blessing by John Hagee

Power of the Prophetic Blessing, The by John Hagee
The image on the cover of this book is an open treasure chest with golden light spilling out from it. It reminds me a bit of "Raiders of The Lost Ark". I think it is about as valid Biblically as "Raiders of the Lost Ark" is as well. I have not read anything by John Hagee before, but I had heard his name and wanted to see what he had to say and was interested in reading the free copy of the book I got to review. I was sadly disappointed with the book. The author has a clear agenda and he picks and choses Bible verses and stories and just says that they support his points. For instance, he claims that "be fruitful and multiply" is both a blessing and a command and therefore must imply that marriage should only be between a man and a woman. What about people who can't or don't want to have children? Are they disobedient or not blessed?  He also claims that Jeremiah 1:4-5 "clearly declares" that "God has called children to a divine work and has sanctified them for that work while they were in their mother's wombs". Really? It seems to me that verse is only about Jeremiah - not about all children. The book goes on and on in the same vein with the author giving Bible verses and saying that they support his views when they have nothing to do with them in reality.
He also says "If you do not passionately believe it - you will not achieve it!" That sounds like the power of positive thinking to me rather than the power of God. It takes matters out of God's hands and makes the results directly linked to the ability of the believer to believe passionately. If you don't achieve it, you obviously did not believe passionately enough.
I was not impressed at all with this book.

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