Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The 100-Year-Old Man who climbed out the window and Disappeard by Jonas Jonasson

I totally loved this book! I laughed out loud repeatedly while reading it. It is just fantastic. Allan is the Forrest Gump of Europe. He participated in many major political events and met Presidents Truman, and Nixon, Stalin, Churchill, Mao, Franco, and de Gaulle among others. The book tells the story of his escape from a nursing home at age 100 and the adventures he has which include millions of dollars of stolen money in a suitcase, a hot dog seller, several professional thieves, being chased by the police and the bad guys, and an unfortunate incident of one of the bad guys undergoing death by elephant. The story is interspersed with Allan's memories of his hundred years of living and his stints in prison, expertise in explosives, dinners with prominent politicians and of course, his love for vodka. Totally one of my favorite books!


  1. What a brilliant title, I must read it at some point because of that alone! Great review!