Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Talisman of El by Alecia Stone

Talisman of El by Alecia Stone
The concept of this book is interesting. Charlie is an orphan who has a hard time fitting in. He is now living with Jacob - his third adoption attempt. Jacob, however, is not the nice guy he seems to be. Charlie and his friends Alex and Richmond and their adult friend Derkein wind up in Arcadia - the home of angels and demons in the center of the earth and Charlie learns that he is a key player there with powers he was unaware that he had.
The book, however, is very fragmented. It jumps from setting to setting with no explanation of how it got there. It seems like it is missing parts - like a badly edited movie. For instance, in ch. 21, Charlie is on the steps walking into Eden, sees a wheel of fire, talks to an angel, then there is a tunnel, then he is in a boat. No description of him seeing those things or how he got from one to another. This happens a lot in this book. I kept looking back to see if I skipped over something, but it is just not there.

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