Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Cat's Paw by L. A. Taylor

Cat's Paw by L.A. Taylor
I got this book free to read on my kindle. It was surprisingly captivating. It held my interest well and I read it all today. Miranda's husband of 18 years, Alexi, a lighthouse keeper, has been gone for four months on a secret mission for the governor. He has not written to her in two months. Finally, she leaves her two teenage sons to man the lighthouse and sets off for the town where her husband's letters were sent from. An orange cat who has recently added himself to her family comes with her. Perplexingly, she is accused of practicing magic because the cat has extra toes. The Prefect for her town arrives and bails her out and encourages her to continue her search for her husband. Someone is following her, the police are not cooperating and she must find clues to his whereabouts on her own. Despite rumors of magic, which she believes does not exist and is a bunch of nonsense, and mysteries and lies, she continues her search to find her husband.
This is a great book and I really enjoyed it!

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