Thursday, February 28, 2013

The In Between by Catherine Converse

The In Between by Catherine Converse
I would have loved to give this book four or even five stars and I would have been able to if the author had just hired an editor.
I loved the story - fantastic paranormal romance.
If you can dream about murders before they happen, can you stop them?
And if so, who would be interested in harnessing those powers?
Adie (Is that supposed to be Addie?) is recruited by the super secret intelligence agency - the IPA - Impire Peace Agency. What is Impire anyway? Is it a misspelling of the word Empire? If so, it is one of many misspelled words in the book along with grammatical errors and jumps in time and missing information.
The book is captivating and thrilling with plot twists and paranormal abilities and romance and danger and intrigue, but it really, really, really needs editing.

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