Friday, May 24, 2013

Let the Sky Fall by Shannon Messenger

Let the Sky Fall by Shannon Messenger
YA Paranormal Romance with a different twist. That is refreshing. No vampires or werewolves. Something I had not read before. Wind sylphs. Yes, Vane and Audra are not human, they are sylphs - creatures of the wind. A battle is going on and Vane is the most important player. But he does not know it because his memory has been wiped clean. Except for the girl who haunts his dreams.
Audra kind of pissed me off. I am still waiting to see a truly strong female character in a book. I am tired of wimpy women. Audra has made herself into a warrior woman, but she has done so because she feels guilty for the deaths of Vane's parents and her father and so she is willing to sacrifice herself in order to save Vane. Underneath her strength, she is a winey, self-deprecating wimp. So sad. So, of course, instead of her saving Vane, he saves her. How romantic. NOT!
But, if you are a fan of YA paranormal romance, which apparently relies on the females to be wimps, then you will like this book. It is a well written story and I enjoyed reading it.

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  1. I've had my eyes on this book. I am glad to see a review for it just as I am planning my next few reads.
    I see it is about wind sylphs and one of the characters name is "Vane" as in "weather vane" ? lolz Ok, that was corny.
    I like reading about new paranormal creatures. Sometimes it works well. Others not so.
    Have a good weekend :)