Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The New Kid by Temple Mathews

The New Kid by Temple Mathews
Will, is the New Kid in high school AKA Harry Potter/Percy Jackson/Jimmy Neutron/Jack Templar/Timmy Turner/Vladmir Tod/Daniel X/ and all the other teen/preteen boy heros who have some sort of superpowers and save their families/friends/and the world because the adults are too stupid or incapable of saving themselves and the world.
In Will's case, he is a demon hunter with super human strength trying to defeat the Evil One and rescue his father. Lots of fighting, superpowers, James Bondish weapons that Will himself created, a bit of romance, lots more fighting, and of course, saving the world from evil. I think that preteen and teen boys may enjoy the book although I did not find it to be very original.

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