Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Narrowing Path by David J. Normoyle

The Narrowing Path

Similar to Hunger Games, teenagers are set up to fight one another for the right to survive. This novel, however is bloodier than Hunger Games and the "green path" is not really defined, rather the reader has to try to figure out what is going on. The book cover is misleading because there is not an actual physical "path".
I am not sure that I really understand the premise of the story. Apparantly, every 6 years, a star is too close to earth or whatever planet they are on and the heat is too intense to survive. In Arcandis, there are only a limited number of places in the Refuge, caverns underground where people can live through the Infernam. For some reason, the teenage boys of the noble families are pitted against one another in a bloody fight/game/strategy to survive and be chosen for one of the 6 spots available for young men of nobility.
The girls, however, are allowed to survive as long as a noble man will agree to take her as one of his many wives.
Bowe is 13 and the only remaining member of the Bellanger family - one of the 4 noble families in this city. He decides to buck the rules, and save not only himself, but others as well in an attempt to change the bizarre rules that his city follows.
I found the story to be interesting, but confusing, and in need of better editing. I got the book free to review from Netgalley.

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